Recipe for happiness

Everyone’s happiness is different. But what makes us happy? Do we actually think about it? I have been thinking about my own happiness lately.

I can sum up in a few main points.

1. You have to be ‘ in peace’ with yourself. Be aware of your inner peace, find some confident in your actions as well as thoughts.
Do not worry about what others thinks. Have a backbone. They will think of something about you anyway. Just try to be honest to yourself and others. That is enough.

2. Make a real effort to be happy.
Focus on happy moments in your life, cherish those instead of sadness.
Do not forget, life is not all full of roses. There will be ups and downs. It is an active decision to be happy. Do not let others make you sad. Do not allow other’s negative behaviors effect you.

3. Love the job you do.
I take photos and create websites last 15 years. I love my job. I choose the to work as freelance designer and photographer, never regret it. It gave me freedom and ability to work with all kinds of people. I like cultural diversities. It has been pleasure to meet others and understand them.

4. Spend time with people you love.
Even though I have been away last 14 years from my family and friends, I kept in touch with them, I call them regular basis, I use Facetime, Google hangout, Skype whenever we can chat.

5. You should have at least one or more hobby.
I have been taking photos long time with great pleasure. I also love gardening. These hobbies gives tranquility to my life.

6. Travel to far places.
Seeing other places, learning about different cultures opens the mind.
I have been 18 states so far, that includes Alaska and Hawaii. I visited Germany, Holland, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Canada and Mexico. Each travel was adventure for me.

7. Do not put somebody or some people in the center of your life. This can be your spouse, your lover, your kids or your parents. When you lose your loved ones your world would shatter. Especially death can cause traumas. Then you may have serious illness problems.

I know this is very difficult thing to do. After my mom died I was very sad. I was very fond of her. 3 years later I got cancer. My first husband died 15 years ago very unexpectedly it was very hard to deal with that. But I tried to do my best to be happy again. I fully understand death is part of the world and sooner or later we all face it. However choosing happiness also being human. There is no need to create misery out of our sadness.

8. Everyone will die one day. You have to learn to live with this.
You need to get rid of fear of death in your mind. Do not forget it is useless to be fearful something that you can not change. It is not a useful thing to do, it will harm you eventually. The more you are free from your fears, you will enjoy your life better.

9. You need to learn to control your fear. Face up and find a way to deal with it. Learn what makes you scare, learn about that subject and if necessary ask help to eliminate that fear. Do not let the fear shape up your world. Make an effort to overcome it.

10. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on solutions.
The more you spend time to find a solution Is a fruitful time for you. Agony of endless discomfortable assumptions will poison your clear mind. Do not do that to yourself. What is the point of it? Every problem can also carry the solution in it. Just be passionate about it.

11. Be fair and kind to others. You do not have to love everybody in the world but you do not need to be judgemental either.

12. Do not postpose your dreams. Be bold. Life is short, enjoy while you can.

The writer of this article , me, whom dealing with cancer last 2 years. I am 45 years old and never hesitated taking radical decisions in my life. I could say I am generally happy person. I applied these advises on my own life, I would recommend everyone.

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