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I was introduced to her when I borrowed her novel The Drowned (Ahl Ghargh) from the Nottingham city library many years ago. I was mesmerized by the beautiful fantasy and her powerful writing style. In a little village on the shore of Persian Gulf all supernaturals come to life where mermaids fall in love with the young fishermen who are drowned and where the furious God of the sea (Bo Salmeh) and other supernaturals such as aal who prey on laboring women interact with the village habitants. The book brings the folklore of South Iran and in addition to its literary value forms a valuable reference for any research into the local culture. In the second volume the hero of the book gets involved in Iran’s 79 revolution and there is less of fantasy that fills the first volume.

On my last visit to Iran I was disappointed when I could not find a single copy of the Ahl Ghargh in the bookshops but obtained four of her other works, Gypsy by the Fire (Novel), Hearth of Steel (Novel), Kanizou (collection of short stories), and Siria Siria (collation of short stories). Each book is a real page turner. She is certainly one of the best Iranian writers. Thanks GS for posting the video.

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