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The Omnipresence of Government Censorship in Iran

Join the Conversation: The Omnipresence of Government Censorship in Iran Moniru Ravanipour is an Iranian author and writer-in-residence at the City of Asylum Las Vegas. Ravanipour was detained and interrogated by the Iranian government after a reading of one of her eight published books. Only held for a day, Ravanipour returned to everyday life until […]

Freedom of Expression & Censorship

I was introduced to her when I borrowed her novel The Drowned (Ahl Ghargh) from the Nottingham city library many years ago. I was mesmerized by the beautiful fantasy and her powerful writing style. In a little village on the shore of Persian Gulf all supernaturals come to life where mermaids fall in love with […]

Vegas Unexpected: City of Asylum

Vegas Unexpected: City of Asylum by Megan Edwards If asked to blurt out whatever words come to mind when Las Vegas is mentioned, I think it’s fair to say that most people would not come up with “City of Asylum.” “What happens here stays here,” is a far more likely response, and the well-loved slogan […]


Kanizu Translated by: Hirad Dinevari, Azita Mokhtari, Shokoufeh Mozaffari,Ramin Sarraf Edited with an Introduction by: M. R. Ghanoonparvar Kanizu is the first collection of short stories by Moniru Ravanipur, one of the best-known and most highly regarded post-revolutionary Persian fiction writers. In the stories of Kanizu, the reader will find the distinguishing features of the […]

The Sad Story of Love

Translated by Kamran Talattof Translator’s Note: Moniru Ravanipur, “The Sad Story of Love” in a collection of short stories entitled ‘Sangha-ye Shaytan'(The Devil’s Stones), 1st edition, Tehran: Nashr-e Markaz, 1991, pp. 29-34. Moniru Ravanipur is a contemporary Iranian fiction Sa’di is not the man to play the chess game of your love. This is the […]