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An Interview with Miranda Mellis

Moniru Ravanipur: An Interview with Miranda Mellis (This interview appears in Issue Five as part of a special feature of Iranian writers) Miranda Mellis: Your story “Satan’s Stones” begins outside of the space of the story proper, in the city, from which our heroine, Maryam, the prodigal daughter newly trained as a doctor, returns home to […]

Info for Iran, from UNLV

Info for Iran, from UNLV Author in asylum program uses Web to filter news, warnings back to her homeland By Timothy Pratt In the chaos after both incumbent and challenger crowed victory in Iran’s June 12 presidential election, an e-mail written in code landed in Moniro Ravanipour’s e-mail inbox. “Busloads of people will be there […]

Iranian author Ravanipour takes refuge at Brown

Iranian author Ravanipour takes refuge at Brown by Taylor Barnes Iranian author Moniro Ravanipour was too scared to shower when she was in Germany for a writers’ conference in 2001. Soon after she arrived, her husband called to tell her Iranian authorities opposed the conference. She feared they might have installed secret cameras in her […]

We have to start somewhere

We have to start somewhere: A conversation with novelist Moniro Ravanipour By Lal Shahparaki Welsh A week before she speaks at the Iranian Literary Arts Festival in San Francisco (November 14-17), I ask novelist Moniro Ravanipour to give some insights into her world of forbidden expression and her take on the Iranian philanthropy. I know […]

IWP Fellow

Moniru Ravanipour is an internationally acclaimed innovative writer who is the author of eight titles published in Iran, including two collections of short fiction, Kanizu and Satan’s Stones, and the novels The Drowned, Heart of Steel, and Gypsy by Fire. Her tales, described as “reminiscent in their fantastic blend of realism, myth, and superstition of […]