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AHL-E ḠARQ -The Drowned

AHL-E ḠARQ (The drowned, 1990), best-known novel of Moniru Ravanipur (Moniru Ravānipur, b. Bušehr, 1954), noted Persian novelist and short story writer of the second half of the 20th century. Ahl-e ḡarq, like many of Ravanipur’s works of fiction, is set in Jofra, a remote village in the Persian Gulf region, and is inspired by […]

Affordable Web Design ebook

Affordable Web Design Step by step web solutions for small businesses Book Title: Affordable Web Design: Step by step web solutions for small businesses Author: NUR KARLICA ROY ISBN: 978-0-9834186-9-6 Publisher: Nur Publishing Publication Date: June 2012 Language: English File Size & Format: 4.8MB, PDF Available for download; Buy this ebook for $4.00 Read Table […]

Feminist ink

Feminist ink by Golbarg Bashi The “boom” in prose writing by Iranian women authors in the 1990s within the context of the situation of women in contemporary Iran INTRODUCTION It may be asserted that the Iranian political and ideological discourses have always had an influential effect on the Iranian literary development, regardless of the gender […]

About Moniru Ravanipur

Short-story writer and novelist Moniru Ravanipur was born in the village of Jofreh and raised in the provincial capital Shiraz. She completed an undergraduate degree in psychology at Shiraz University. Ravanipur’s first book was a collection of nine short stories called Kanizu (1989, reprinted in 2001). In the winter of 1989, Ravanipur published her first […]