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چاپ اول مجموعه شعر «آوازخوان دوره‌گرد » سروده‌ی منیرو روانی‌پور، توسط اچ‌اند‌اس مدیا منتشر شده است. نسخه چاپی این کتاب‬ را می‌توانید از فروشگاه‌های آمازون و مراکز مجهز به دستگاه چاپ اسپرسو< در امریکای شمالی، اروپا، آسیا و استرالیا تهیه کنید. نسخه الکترونیک کتاب از طریق فروشگاه گوگل‌بوکز‬ ارائه شده است.

New booklets

I was talking  with my publisher and web designer Nur today, she recommended that I publish my booklet on website. The subjects will be about life, death, poetry so on.

Readings at City of Asylum

Readings at City of Asylum: Q&A with Moniro Ravanipour Internationally-acclaimed writer Moniro Ravanipour read from a work-in-progress at City of Asylum on March 7. Ravanipour has written novels, short stories, works for children, plays, and screenplays. She was among 17 activists to face trial in Iran for their participation in the 2000 Berlin Conference, for […]

Exclusive Unpublished Work

Exclusive Unpublished Work from Iranian Novelist Moniru Ravanipur Chapter 1 It is Sunday and I have an appointment with Tracy. The night before, I thought about the cup of coffee that I always drink in her office. Lying in bed, tossing, and waiting for tomorrow morning and a mysterious cup of coffee… This is what […]

For Writers, a Voice Beyond the Page

Seven years ago, Moniru Ravanipur, a novelist and short-story writer, was put on trial in her native Iran. Her supposed crime: threatening national security while attending a political conference in Berlin, where she openly discussed her country’s reform movement. Now she plans to do it again. Ms. Ravanipur, 54, is one of more than 150 […]