Bibliography of Moniro Ravanipur

Books, Novels:

1989- Ahle Ghargh( Persian gulf award for the best novel)

1990 -Heart of Steel

1999 –Gypsy by the Fire

Short Story Collections:

1977 –The Sparrow and Mr. President

1988- Kanizu

1990 –Satan’s Stones

1993- Siria, Siria –(1998 Golden Tablet Award for best fiction in Iran during the previous two decades, )

2001- Frankfurt Airport’s Woman

2002- Nazli

Children’s Works:

Snow White,The Most Beautiful Star of the World, An new version of Kadoo Ghelgheleh Zan : Nashr-e Markaz

4 books and cassettes: Sahar Co.

Fables for Children/Games for Children/A Collection of Children’s Songs /3 books and cassettes: Iran Cassette Co.

3 books:  Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults

12 books(an adaptation of Saadi’s Golestan): Amoo Zanjirbaf

Other Works:

1989 The Fairy Tales and Beliefs of Southern Iran’s Region


1976- Rosam Az Shahnameh Raft (Rostam Left the Epic of the Kings)


1987- The Night Shift Nurse, Based on her Novel

1994- The Good Days of Life

2003 –The Fifth Reaction (Won the best screenplay award in University of Tehran Film Festival)





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